Cisco voice products installed on IBM servers allows unauthorized administrative access

ciscovoice-ibmservers-admin-access (14900) The risk level is classified as HighHigh Risk


Multiple Cisco products running on IBM servers could allow a remote attacker to gain unauthorized administrative access. The default installation of multiple Cisco voice products on certain IBM servers running operating systems prior to OS 2000.2.6 installs the IBM Director while leaving port 14247 open. A remote attacker can exploit this vulnerability by connecting to port 14247 to obtain administrative access without authenticating.


Gain Access


Upgrade to the latest software version for your device, as listed in Cisco Security Advisory Document ID: 47983. See References.


  • CIAC Information Bulletin O-066: Voice Product Vulnerabilities on IBM Servers.
  • Cisco Systems Inc. Security Advisory, 2004 January 21 UTC 1700 (GMT): Voice Product Vulnerabilities on IBM Servers.
  • BID-9468: Cisco Voice Product IBM Director Agent Unauthorized Remote Administrative Access Vulnerability
  • CVE-2004-1760: The default installation of Cisco voice products, when running the IBM Director Agent on IBM servers before OS 2000.2.6, does not require authentication, which allows remote attackers to gain administrator privileges by connecting to TCP port 14247.
  • OSVDB ID: 3692: Cisco Voice Products Director Agent Insecure Default Installation
  • SA10696: Cisco Voice Products Director Agent Insecure Default Installation
  • SECTRACK ID: 1008814: Cisco Personal Assistant Default Configuration on IBM Servers Grants Administrative Access to Remote Users
  • US-CERT VU#602734: Cisco default install of IBM Director agent fails to authenticate users for remote administration

Platforms Affected:

  • Cisco CallManager 1.0
  • Cisco CallManager 2.0
  • Cisco CallManager 3.0
  • Cisco CallManager 3.1
  • Cisco CallManager 3.1(2)
  • Cisco CallManager 3.1(3A)
  • Cisco CallManager 3.2
  • Cisco CallManager 3.3
  • Cisco CallManager 3.3(3)
  • Cisco CallManager 4.0
  • Cisco Conference Connection 1.1(1)
  • Cisco Conference Connection 1.2
  • Cisco Emergency Responder 1.1
  • Cisco Internet Service Node
  • Cisco IP Call Center Express Enhanced 3.0
  • Cisco IP Call Center Express Standard 3.0
  • Cisco IP Interactive Voice Response 3.0
  • Cisco Personal Assistant 1.3(1)
  • Cisco Personal Assistant 1.3(2)
  • Cisco Personal Assistant 1.3(3)
  • Cisco Personal Assistant 1.3(4)
  • Cisco Personal Assistant 1.4(1)
  • Cisco Personal Assistant 1.4(2)
  • IBM Director Agent 2.2
  • IBM Director Agent 3.11
  • IBM MCS-7815-1000
  • IBM MCS-7815i-2.0
  • IBM MCS-7835i-2.4
  • IBM MCS-7835i-3.0
  • IBM x330 8654
  • IBM x330 8674
  • IBM x340
  • IBM x342
  • IBM x345


Jan 21, 2004

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