ACT P202S VoIP phone multiple undocumented default ports and services

act-p202s-default-port (24149) The risk level is classified as HighHigh Risk


ACT (Advantage Century Telecommunication Corporation) P202S could allow a remote attacker to gain unauthorized access to the device using one of several undocumented open ports. TCP port 7, TCP port 512, and UDP port 17185 are open by default and provides access to the echo, rlogin, and VxWorks WDB remote debug service (wdbrpc). In addition, the device has a hard coded NTP service that is enabled by default. An attacker could connect to one of these ports or use the NTP service to view or modify device configuration information, reset the device to the factory default settings, write to the registry, dump memory, and perform other malicious activity.


Gain Access


No remedy available as of September 1, 2014.


  • Advantage Century Telecommunication Corp Web site: P202S.
  • Full-Disclosure Mailing List, Mon Jan 16 2006 - 16:11:13 CST: ACT P202S VoIP wireless phone multiple undocumented ports/services.
  • BID-16288: ACT P202S VOIP WIFI Phones Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities
  • CVE-2006-0374: Advantage Century Telecommunication (ACT) P202S IP Phone 1.01.21 running firmware 1.1.21 has multiple undocumented ports available, which (1) might allow remote attackers to obtain sensitive information, such as memory contents and internal operating-system data, by directly accessing the VxWorks WDB remote debugging ONCRPC (aka wdbrpc) on UDP 17185, (2) reflect network data using echo (TCP 7), or (3) gain access without authentication using rlogin (TCP 513).
  • CVE-2006-0375: Advantage Century Telecommunication (ACT) P202S IP Phone 1.01.21 running firmware 1.1.21 on VxWorks uses a hardcoded Network Time Protocol (NTP) server in Taiwan, which could allow remote attackers to provide false time information, block access to time information, or conduct other attacks.
  • OSVDB ID: 22518: ACT P202S IP Phone Multiple Port Unauthenticated Access
  • OSVDB ID: 45449: ACT P202S IP Phone Hardcoded NTP Server IP Time Subversion
  • SA18514: ACT WLAN Phone P202S Multiple Security Issues

Platforms Affected:

  • Advantage Century Telecommunication Corporation ACT P202S 1.1.21


Jan 16, 2006

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